Reasons to use our Skin Care Premium Products:

International Invention!

The MEDCARE ScinCare PREMIUM PRODUCTS and capsules are the result of a several years of innovation of a medical group. This group has taken into consideration the needs and high expectations and created this product.
This group invented a Multifunction Shower equiped with a different capsules can treat skin problems on the external surface of the body and for the prevention of skin diseases. To the Multifunction shower can connect a special applicator, which allow handling of the intimate area skin problems properly and safely.

The shower design and function are protected by our patent internationally. A product that will provide similar effectiveness with

1. Skin care
2. Water cleansing
3. Intimate hygiene (Intimdusche)

is currently unavailable anywhere else. In Hungary, Europe, 25 of the top hospitals already bathe new born infants with the SPA water cleanser!Heals and prevents!.

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