Dermatological capsules


In the SPA Multifunctional Shower Head is possible to use the following Dermatological Capsules:

SKIN CARE Capsules

  • SPA Sensitive Skin Capsule
  • SPA Freshener capsula
  • SPA Hydrating capsule

Dermatological capsules can only be used for SPA Multifunctional Shower.
Skincare capsules
The SPA cosmetic capsules can be placed in the handle of the shower, for those who need some special skin treatment. (dry skin, sensitive skin, burns or other injury, surgery, abscesses, ulcers, eczema, badly healing wounds). The fluid from the capsule dropwise added during to the water. The rinsing of the entire surface of a body is done in one motion and it spreads the aqueous emulsion so that anyone can do their own treatment. The capsule operating mechanism provides an opportunity for the treatment with a more concentrated substance and leaves the vehicle used by creams thereby ensures a more effective treatment.

There are currently three types available in capsules ready for skin care:



Derma capsule

csoIn the SPA Multifunctional Shower Head is possible to use the Derma Capsule.

This capsule enables specific medication! The capsule is supplied empty so it can be filled as prescribed by your doctor, or with medicine proposed magisterial preparation and carry out skin treatment. While using the capsules the medical fluid is fed to the spray drops, it creates an aqueous emulsion and covers the entire body surface. So in a few seconds of rinsing shower the entire body surface can be treated. This method enables you to use active content to dominate the treatment of fluids and do little to apply a vehicle on our skin, which in addition to being unnecessary, may be harmful by constant use.
The Spa Derma capsules provide help with various dermatological illnesses that are otherwise difficult to treat.