Spa Multifunction Shower Head



Why multifunction?

It’s multifunction for the following treatments:

1. With filter capsule > decorative water cleansing shower head
2. With body lotion capsule > dermatologic device
3. With the intimate applicator and two fase capsules > gynecologic device
4. With the intimate applicator and one fase capsule > proctologic device






The multifunction shower head is an elegant design; it can be attached to any standard shower tube. The specially designed, hollow handle and the detachable shower head make up the body of the product.

Specifically designed skin moisturizing and dermatological treatment capsules can be placed into the hollow handle of the shower head.

1. With Filter capsules > decorative water cleansing shower head

With the use of the SPA Filter Capsule you can even clean mildly soiled tap water too! In every case we get water that is free of bacteria, algae, mold, chlorine, and heavy metal!

Everday use help treating and preventing the following skin deases:

Chlorine induced:
dry skin
lung problems

Bacteria induced
Poorly healing wounds ulceration

Heavy metals induced
metal sensitivity

2. With DERMA capsule > dermatologic device

The Derma capsules are body care products for different skin problems . The capsule drop by drop feds the fill to the water providing an easy skin treatment while you shower. Each Derma capsule has high concentrated substance making the skin care more efficient without using added humectant.
Dermatological treatment device is highly recommended for infants and singles or handicapped.

The Intimate Applicator and the supplementing capsules make everyday hygiene along with gynecological and proctologic treatments possible.

3. With the intimate applicator and two phase capsules > gynecologic device

Uniquely efficient, safe and comfortable way for intimate cleansing and vaginal treatments.


The SPA Capsule’s top part is filled with NaCl crystals. These salt crystals dissolve with the inflow of approximately 0,5 lit. water during the first phase of the treatment and clean the walls of the vagina .After the first phase is complete we insert the second phase contents located in the bottom part of the capsule into the now clean vagina. this entire procedure last no more than mere seconds and the device shuts off automatically upon completion of the treatment.

Capsules for vaginal use:

Lactic Acid Capsule  – ensuring pH.

Calendula / Salvia Capsule –epithelial injuries 

Yarrow/Thyme Capsule –For bacterial and fungal infections treatment

Lavender Capsule – After menstruation , After sexual contact

4. With the intimate applicator and one fase capsule > proctologic device

Cleans and detoxifies, perfect for colon cleansing during diet and before and after anal sex!

Heals and prevents!


The Complex Capsule is specifically designed to be used with the SPA Multifunction Shower with Applicator .

The Complex Capsule is a one –phase capsule . The NaCl content of the capsule dissolves in water, letting 8-10dl liquid into the anus , after the device stops water flow automatically. The risk of high water pressure entering your anus is eliminated thanks to the water draining channels built into the device. Maintain good anal hygiene during  everyday cleansing.

Recommended uses:

Enema,Anal irrigation


Improving hemorrhoid symptoms

Befor and after anal intercourse