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Choose the safest and most effective way of intimate cleansing!

MEDCARE INTIM APPLICATOR and it’s capsule are a several years of development of a team. The development work was exactly the basis that the previously circulating vagina treatment and irrigation equipment and medical professional were not properly functioned in some respects moreover clearly harmful. They wanted to change this and wanted to establish an appropriate tool. Success!

MEDCARE INTIM APPLICATOR is a unique tool for intimate cleansing at home, in relaxed environment, maximum comfort and safety to carry out gynecological treatments! Prevents and cures!
It is an ergnomically designed instrument, tissue-friendly, soft, made from plastic with medical license.



The unique two-phase treatment
The first phase of capsule is filled with NaCl (salt) crystals that migrates and helps in the flushing lateral of the vagina with mildly. Then the cleaned surface of the second phase fluids, it is entered into the upper part of the vagina. The entire treatment takes place in a few seconds, then the machine stops operating automatically. (Because of the automatic shutdown, so the substance adheres to the vaginal wall safe, water should not be too much of continuation of “chance” to wash it.)
The two-phase treatment is a unique and revolutionary solution to the vagina treatment.

During anal use with antiseptic salt capsules it is suitable for anal enema, bowel cleansing and detoxification!

Effective, comfortable, and safe solution to intimate problems and general hygiene.
The presence of the non, or even adversely functioning vaginal treatments and female douche products was the subject and the main reason of this market development.