Frequently Asked Question


How’s the shower multifunction?

The SPA shower handle can be used with two different shower head and different capsules.

  1. SPA shower handle + SPA shower head + water cleansing capsule = daily using in the kitchen and bath
  2. SPA shower handle + SPA shower head + DERMA body care capsules = body care, skin care
  3. SPA shower handle + Intimate applicator + complex capsule = anal douching
  4. SPA shower handle + Intimate applicator + 2 phase capsule = female douche

How to switch the different shower heads?

The SPA shower heads can be switched and twisted on and off easily. Turn off the water while changing the heads.

Do I need a plumber to?

No need for special help, the current shower head can be twisted off and replaced with the SPA shower head

Can I use the SPA shower while I travel?

Yes, the connection of the shower head is worldwide standard.

Can be used with a gas water heater?

Yes, but advised to open another faucet to equalize pressure and to prevent shut down the safety valve.

What is the expiration date of the water cleansing filter capsule?

The filter capsule is ready to replace when the gold color gets dark(blue-gray-black) The depth of the color depends on the pollution of the water.

What to do if we experience the change of the water pressure?

Remove the multifunction shower and twist off the valve at the end. Remove and clean up the filter between the handle and the valve. After rinsing the filter, put it back to the handle, tight the valve and the shower head is ready to use again.